Highlights of 2013

In just a few hours we’ll be ringing in the New Year, but before we say goodbye to 2013 lets take a look back at some of the highlights this year at True Blue Bay Resort.

We started the year with a BANG with our Firewuks party, and although the rain tried to dampen our spirits, we still had a blast!


2013 brought with it several awards. In January we introduced our “Employee of the Month” program, which recognized exceptionally diligent staff, and towards the end of the year our management team was pleasantly surprised to also be rewarded for their diligence as True Blue Bay Resort was awarded “Employer of the Year”. Other accolades in 2013 included: Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor and being ranked 3rd Caribbean’s Best Small Hotel by Caribbean Journal.

We were happy to have Les Stroud star of the popular documentary series, Survivorman stay with us while he prepared to film an episode in Grenada.

The children at Vendomme RC School finally left the “Nissan hut” and are now settled in their new classrooms. Thank you to everyone who gave of their time, money and effort to this project.

On November 1st, 2013 we celebrated our 15th anniversary and acknowledged our guests, staff, partners and well-wishers who helped make our success possible.

2013 was not all smiles, and we were saddened at the tragic passing of Mott Green, an amazing and inspirational person. He founded the Grenada Chocolate Factory and would always hold a special place in our hearts.

This past year also had some renovations and hotel upgrades. Our reception area got a facelift with a new roundabout, balcony and walkway. We also added a new deck, gym, yoga studio and micro-brewery. Our new spa, Blue Haven is now open.

As many of you may already know, True Blue Bay Resort loves to do its part to help with the conservation of our environment, and this year we partnered with Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN) on a clean up project and the observation of Earth Hour.

As we turn the lights off on 2013, we say thank you to all our guests, partners, friends, staff and family for your support throughout the year and look forward to building our relationship with you in 2014. We wish all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Champagne Jewellery Party

Champagne Jewellery Party; sounds pretty fancy right? Well, here at True Blue Bay Resort, we always like to up the ante on our events and provide you with unique and enjoyable ways to take advantage of the best that Grenada has to offer!

On Friday 29th November, True Blue Bay Hosted the Champagne Jewellery Party at the Main Restaurant. Local jewelers and vendors set up shop with their beautiful arts crafts and jewellery and eagerly awaited the shoppers.  From our very own Kachi boutique, to Caribbean Naturals, Art Fabrik and Butterfly Crafts, to name a few, the restaurant was transformed into a shopaholic’s paradise. Even though it was a jewellery party, the vendors had beautiful arts and crafts which were mostly handmade, gorgeous batik printed scarves and fabric pieces for house décor as well as local spices, candles and massage oils.

The Main Restaurant at True Blue Bay quickly filled up during the course of the evening, as the relentless sun finally set, and as champagne flowed, so did the creativity and shopping! It was a great evening for vendors and visitors alike. The champagne jewellery party served quite nicely as a sneak peek into our famous Christmas Bazaar, which will be held on December 15th. Don’t miss it!

Christmas Bazaar 2013

The holiday season is upon us, with Christmas just less than 3 weeks away! Have you made a list and checked it twice? The special people in your life deserve something thoughtful and beautiful this Christmas to show them your love and appreciation. So to get all your Christmas shopping done easily and have fun at the same time, you should make your way to the 14th Annual Grenada Arts and Crafts Christmas Bazaar at the Dodgy Dock Restaurant at True Blue Bay Resort.

Sunday December 15th from 10am to 5pm the Dodgy Dock restaurant will be engulfed in the Christmas spirit as over 60 artisans from around Grenada put their best creations on sale just for you! Arts, crafts, Jewellery, local batik and island fabrics, wooden arts, home décor and even baked goods are just some of the great items you will be able to choose from.

For a fun, family day of Caribbean shopping, the Grenada Christmas Bazaar at True Blue Bay Resort is really the ideal event. Enjoy BBQ, burgers and wings specials throughout the day and make sure to try one of our signature cocktails as you shop till you drop! Bring your friends and family for a truly wonderful Sunday and give back to great island of Grenada by shopping local this holiday season. Have a Spicy Christmas!

Yoga & Retreats at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

Yoga & Retreats at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

Yoga has been one of the value added daily activities we have being offering at True Blue to our in-house guests and Grenadian community for a couple years now.

This November 2013, we are opening our new beautiful yoga studio called Sankalpa. We all are very excited as, aside from being a stunning Caribbean style building designed and built by owners Russ and Magdalena, the new structure contains a well equipped gym that complements the resort. Hotel guests are already taking advantage of the gym located on the lower level of the 2-floor building. The view and fresh breeze, flowing through the second floor, where the studio is located makes this space a fantastic inspiring place to practice yoga and meditation while contemplating the tranquility of True Blue Bay and Caribbean Sea.

Daily yoga sessions will be available soon but we are also looking forward to starting meditation sessions and other holistic and community orientated activities throughout the year.  This is our first step to offer our guests more healthy sustainable choices at True Blue. Our Chef Gary Birkett, is in the process of creating and adding to our menu more Caribbean inspired, healthy vegetarian and Ayurvedic meals and drinks using local natural vegetables, fruits and spices.

Outdoor yoga session

Sankalpa studio together with other hotel facilities can now accommodate visiting groups for retreats. Packages can be tailored for groups and can be complemented by other sustainable tourism activities like visits to organic spice and herb gardens, Grenada chocolate organic factory at Belmont Estate, snorkeling or diving trips to underwater protected parks, yoga and meditation sessions around the island at amazing locations, Caribbean cooking classes taught by local cooks, kayak and sailing trips, visits to Jessamine Eden Gardens and Apiary, visits to Grenada goat dairy project, visits to the spice and crafts market, nutmeg tree and cocoa plantations or simply participating in community projects.

For more information please contact us or visit our website.

New Gym, New Menu and MORE!!!

There has been a lot of new and exciting things happening at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort over these past few weeks, with the most recent happening yesterday when we opened our new gym.  Our guests had always expressed that they would love to have a gym as one of the amenities at our resort and we have listened and answered their request. The new gym is equipped with cardio machines, equipment for doing isolation exercises and weights are on the way. So next time you stay with us, we invite you to experience ‘True fitness without the Blues’ at Cyclops Gym.

We also recently had Chef Carlos join our team and saw the launch of a new menu that has more options for our vegetarian friends and plenty delicious picks for the seafood lovers.  We kept some of the old favorites like the fajitas and quesadillas and added new options including soups and pasta dishes. Let us know what you think next time you visit.

What to look out for

Very soon, True Blue Bay Resort will be making its own beer! How exciting! West Indies Beer will be opening a microbrewery where they brew their own beer and sell it in Dodgy Dock. We will let you know when it’s open so ‘Like us’ on Facebook to stay up to date.

Also, look out for Dodgy Dock’s website which will be launching soon and the yoga studio which is currently under construction.

August Is MAS!

August Is MAS!

August is here, and that means Mas! For those who do not know Grenada celebrates Carnival every year on the second Monday and Tuesday in August. Strange and crazy things happen during Carnival, but it’s all fun and today the madness starts at Dodgy Dock with the start of the promotion ‘August is Mas’. Check out the video for details.


Thinking about ‘playing ah mas’ this Carnival Monday and Tuesday? Join True Blue Bay Boutique Resort in the Sapphire Sunset section of the Summer Crew band. For information about getting a costume contact Summer Crew or True Blue Bay Resort. See you on the road :)

Ayurveda Workshop at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort, Grenada

Last week visiting Shaman, Energy Healer and Author Swami Sadashiva Tirtha guided some of our guests through a very interesting Ayurveda workshop here at the resort.

To begin the day, Swami conducted a serene yoga meditation session outdoors by the new waterfront deck, alongside the gleaming turquoise waters of True Blue Bay and the Caribbean Sea’s pristine horizon.

After a little break, drinking fresh lemongrass and moringa tea locally grown at the resort, all participants sat by the Dodgy Dock lounge area to commence the workshop. All participants learned about the Ayurveda basics, and took a guided quiz to define their Doshas. Then Swami explained about the foods, colours, spices and aromas that compliment each individual Dosha.

After this, all participants sat to enjoy a delicious Ayurveda lunch prepared by our local Sous Chef Esther, guided by Swami in the principles of Aryuveda cooking. Esther, although a bit nervous about the new experience, cooked an extraordinary lunch. This consisted of carrot and ginger soup, followed by a plate of aromatic, fresh, locally grown vegetables and grains seasoned with Grenadian spices and home made ghee. Raita and local chutneys where also available at the table. Fresh lemon grass ice tea and delicious locally made Lassi were the drinks enjoyed by the group . But the highlight of the meal was the pineapple and coconut ice creams prepared by Pastry Chef Luciann.

The workshop was followed, a couple days later, by a hands-on cooking class, conducted in part by Sous Chef Esther explaining the correct way to purchase (or pick) and then cook local Callaloo. Swami then explained the Ayurveda techniques of portion control and cooking. After the cooking session, the time came for participants to enjoy once again a scrumptious lunch prepared by themselves.

Swami Sadashiva Tirtha is the author of The Ayurveda Encyclopedia: Natural Secrets to Healing, Prevention, & Longevity http://www.swamisadashivatirtha.com/

For more information about future Ayurveda workshops and yoga meditation sessions contact yoga@truebluebay.com.

True Blue Bay Resort Awarded 2013 Certificate of Excellence


We just got more exciting news! Last week we were delighted to learn that Caribbean Journal ranked True Blue Bay Resort third in the top ten Caribbean small hotels. This week we are again elated to share more great news. TripAdvisor has awarded True Blue Bay Resort with a 2013 Certificate of Excellence.

According to TripAdvisor, this prestigious award places True Blue Bay Resort “in the top-performing 10% of all businesses worldwide on TripAdvisor” and “is given to businesses that consistently earn high ratings from TripAdvisor travelers”.

We wish to thank all our guests for taking the time to rate us and provide valuable feedback that help us improve our service. Without you this achievement could not be possible. We also wish to thank and encourage our staff to keep up the good work and congratulate you all on a job well done.

True Blue Bay Resort, One of the Caribbean’s Best Small Hotels

True Blue Bay Resort, One of the Caribbean’s Best Small Hotels

Caribbean Journal has rated TBBR as one of the top ten best small hotels in the Caribbean for 2013. Factors including ambience, quality of food, luxury, quality of service, location, romance, affordability and design were taken into consideration during the decision making process.

TBBR is delighted with this news and wish to thank our hard-working management and staff for their efforts in making our resort  a truly special place.

Read the article here.

Two Boutique Hotels One Island of Spice!


TBBR is happy to announce our partnership with Petite Anse Hotel.  Now when you visit the spice isle you have the opportunity to stay at two resorts in opposing ends of the island allowing you to see and explore even more during your stay in Grenada.

With a one-week or two-week package option to choose from, your vacation begins in the south of the island at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort. There you will spend a few days in the popular tourist area of Grand Anse and indulge in the beauty and hospitality that the resort and staff offers.  From there, you will be taken to the northern part of the island where your rest and relaxation will continue at Petite Anse Hotel in the scenic and culturally rich parish of St. Patrick.

To learn more about this special offer click here.



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