This is My Treat

A conversation with repeat guest, Heidi Roberts, from the blog Kitchen Talk Heidi Roberts first came to stay with us during the 2nd annual Grenada Chocolate Fest as part of a UK Press Group that was covering the festival. She immediately fell in love with the island-the people, the serene natural surroundings and of course…the … More This is My Treat

Do it like a Grenadian: 5 Ways to Celebrate Easter

We return with a new  “Do it like a Grenadian” blog post. Easter is celebrated all around our fascinating globe in different ways. In Grenada this time of year does not revolve around easter bunnies and colorful eggs as it is often portrayed in the western world. We have our unique way of doing things … More Do it like a Grenadian: 5 Ways to Celebrate Easter

5 Grenadian Christmas Traditions

Every country and culture that celebrates Christmas has its own unique traditions. Most of our fondest Christmas memories are from childhood, before the  pressure of making Christmas happen with; cleaning, entertaining, cooking and shopping set in. Christmas in Grenada and the Caribbean is no exception. In early December we walked around the resort shooting our … More 5 Grenadian Christmas Traditions

Meet the True Blue Personalities: Chef Cardine

Head Chef Cardine is the creative force behind our new menu at Dodgy Dock which was launched on September 1st 2016. Cardine, a born Grenadian, grew up in the countryside of Grenada and became passionate about food and cooking by spending time in the kitchen with her mother who prepared meals for the family. Cardine … More Meet the True Blue Personalities: Chef Cardine