Yoga & Retreats at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

Yoga & Retreats at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

Yoga has been one of the value added daily activities we have being offering at True Blue to our in-house guests and Grenadian community for a couple years now.

This November 2013, we are opening our new beautiful yoga studio called Sankalpa. We all are very excited as, aside from being a stunning Caribbean style building designed and built by owners Russ and Magdalena, the new structure contains a well equipped gym that complements the resort. Hotel guests are already taking advantage of the gym located on the lower level of the 2-floor building. The view and fresh breeze, flowing through the second floor, where the studio is located makes this space a fantastic inspiring place to practice yoga and meditation while contemplating the tranquility of True Blue Bay and Caribbean Sea.

Daily yoga sessions will be available soon but we are also looking forward to starting meditation sessions and other holistic and community orientated activities throughout the year.  This is our first step to offer our guests more healthy sustainable choices at True Blue. Our Chef Gary Birkett, is in the process of creating and adding to our menu more Caribbean inspired, healthy vegetarian and Ayurvedic meals and drinks using local natural vegetables, fruits and spices.

Outdoor yoga session

Sankalpa studio together with other hotel facilities can now accommodate visiting groups for retreats. Packages can be tailored for groups and can be complemented by other sustainable tourism activities like visits to organic spice and herb gardens, Grenada chocolate organic factory at Belmont Estate, snorkeling or diving trips to underwater protected parks, yoga and meditation sessions around the island at amazing locations, Caribbean cooking classes taught by local cooks, kayak and sailing trips, visits to Jessamine Eden Gardens and Apiary, visits to Grenada goat dairy project, visits to the spice and crafts market, nutmeg tree and cocoa plantations or simply participating in community projects.

For more information please contact us or visit our website.


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