Happy Valentine’s Day from True Blue Bay

It’s that time of year again when love is in the air.  Proposals are made, sentiments of love expressed, some reciprocated some unrequited.  For some, February 14th is just a regular day in the year for others being wined and dined is the norm.  If you fall into the latter group then Dodgy Dock may be the perfect place for you to spend an evening with that special someone.

Someone said chocolate is an aphrodisiac, well if that’s true what better way to start the evening off, than with a dip in the chocolate fountain while sipping on champagne. Once you’ve warmed up, settle down for dinner and choose from a menu specially designed for lovers. And when you’ve had your fill and February 15th rolls in don’t settle back into the daily routines, keep the sparks of love alight and treat yourself and that special someone to a massage at Le Conch Spa True Blue. Take advantage of the special offer for the entire month of February.

Have a great day everyone and Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at True Blue Bay Resort and Dodgy Dock!

Happy Valentine's Day


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