Food Tasting Party

Last Thursday was an evening of elegance at Dodgy Dock as True Blue Bay hosted its first Food Tasting Party to promote new menu dishes by Chef Gary Birkett. The aroma of the food was enticing and the live music set the tone for the evening – soothing yet engaging.

Some of the dishes on display included “Seared flank steak with chimmichiri sauce”, “Parmesan fingers red pepper aioli”, “Local stewed pork with ginger and tamarind” and “Thai style fish curry”. One’s taste buds were not disappointed! Dessert options included both passion fruit and nutmeg cheesecake, “Glazed lime tarts” and my personal favorite “Chocolate and orange torte” these were to die for!

The evening climaxed with dancing and guests taking turns playing in the live band, whether by shaking a beat with the shakers or beating the bongo drums, one even attempted a few notes on the steel pan. All in all, it was an evening of good company, great entertainment and excellent food!

Click here for pictures.


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